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Innovative Physiotherapy and Massage by Pape

√ Thai-Yoga-Massage in combination with Tuina - acupressure, Shiatsu, Manual therapy and osteopathy, classical and deep-tissue trigger point treatment

√ Effective manual treatment strategies for chronic back pain
√ Effective manual treatment strategies for chronic headaches
√ Manual Treatment in combination with active movement
√ Creative Teaching of Movement
√ Shoulder Problems- especially Impingement
√ Epicondylitis

√ Innovative massage in the treatment chair

√ Specific treatment techniques in the side and sitting positions

√ Effective manual treatment strategies for chronic headaches
√ Migraine treatment

√ Innivative reflexology massage
√ Asthma prophylaxis
√ Relief of allergic symptoms through acupuncture and acupressure√ Myofascial streching therapy (combined functional manual therapy and osteopathic techniques)

√ Fascia techniques

Manual Pain Therapy
How is it possible to solve complex problems of the movement apparatus in short treatment durations?​

Traditionally, manual therapy is understood as an alternative medical procedure, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the joints, muscles, nerves and their pathological sequelae. Disturbances or blockages of the joints and the spine or the small vertebral joints are regarded as the cause of a wide range of complaints in the whole body. These complaints are remedied with targeted hand movements.

Recently, the focus has been increasingly focused on muscle fascia. Muscle fascia is a layer of connective tissue that surrounds and penetrates individual muscles, muscle groups or entire body sections. In manual pain therapy by Pape, the fascia is integrated into the treatment in order to significantly increase the likelihood of pain relief.

Pape also offers mobilization techniques, passive and active stretchings and soft tissue techniques for a sustainable manualtherapeutic treatment. Manipulative chiropractic treatment maneuvers are avoided, if possible.

Manuel Pain Therapy
Parietal Osteopathy
What are the components of an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment?

In the case of osteopathic treatment, or simply osteopathy, it is a complementary medicine procedure, which is characterized by Andrew Taylor Still in 1885 in America and is understood by the founding fathers as an independent medicine. It is a purely manual diagnosis and therapy.

Osteopathy is divided into the following three areas:

  • Parietal osteopathy (connective tissue, musculature)

  • Visceral osteopathy (internal organs and their connective tissue suspensions)

  • Cranial (craniosacral) osteopathy (based on the assumption of specific inherent rhythms of the human organism)


In osteopathy, the body, the psyche and the social components are understood as a unit. This results in a very comprehensive diagnostics, which is also applied in Physiotherapy and Massage by Pape.

Asian Massage Art
Asian Massage Art
What can be learned from Asian therapies and treatments?

Pape's Physiotherapy and Massage includes various Asian massage techniques, such as the Traditional Thaimassage (Thai Yoga Massage), Tuina (Chinese Acupressure), Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure Massage), and similar therapy procedures. In addition, the treatment of acupuncture / acupressure points is combined with strains.

Asian massage techniques are combined with Western therapy methods (manual therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy) and Asian movement theory. For no Western physiotherapist or doctor should try to give up his European identity, in order to become a traditional Chinese medicine. Whoever tries this tends to the romanticization of the stranger. Chinese thinking, on which traditional Chinese medicine is based, for example, is fundamentally different from Western science. Thus, according to Pape, it is absurd to try to treat back pain completely according to ancient Chinese premises.

Complementary involvement with other views and strategies that are alien to one's own culture can, however, increase the effectiveness of complex treatment processes and thus lead to an increased therapeutic capacity for action.

Therapeutic Kinetics
How can body therapists move efficiently and ergonomically in a treatment situation?

The physiotherapy and Massage by Pape Massage is about the recovery of ergonomically efficient, balanced and healthy movements. Aspects of movement theory are combined with manual therapy in therapeutic practice. Movement concepts from Asian martial arts such as tai chi, aikido or yoga and free dance play a crucial role.

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